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Sandra Backlund's life and fashin design Coursework

Sandra Backlunds life and fashin design - Coursework ExampleThe Swedish designer, Sandra Backlund, was born in 1975 in Stockholm where she lives even today. charm she wanted to be a hairstylist when she was about 10, her grandmother regular taught her how to knit. As she grew up, she always considered it a conscious decision to start what her mother lots praised her of being excellently talented handicrafts. She attributes the absence of fascinating fashion to buy as an adolescent as a key factor that motivated her to grow her own clothes from the ideas taught by her grandmother. Her desire to express herself artistically further motivated her to join the Beckmans College. In 2004, Backlund graduated from Beckmans College in Stockholm and later that year, seek financial assistance from friends and family to set up her individual eponymous label from where she has been working round-the-clock since then. After setting up the eponymous label in 2004, Backlund fully became exposed t o the world of art winning many accolades thereafter. For instance, she was crowned the winner of the Grand Prix in the De Monde & Photographie in Hyeres international festival in France, and the British Fashion Council awarded her the NewGen sponsorship in 2009 as asserted by Battista. In 2010, Backlund extended her success by winning the Swedish Elle Award.Backlunds success left decriers and supporters flabbergasted. contempt the challenges she faced being in an industry that was previously perceived to be chauvinistic, Backlund sojourned on attracting the awe of the international fashion community.

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Medical Sociology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Medical Sociology - Essay ExampleRobert Koch, a German physician, continued work related to the bacteriological renewal and discovered, along with others, the reasons for specific diseases by linking them with specific bacteria as identified by their different types. As a result, medical science reached new high school as hospitals became safe havens for treatment for a multitude of diseases. The mortality rates of Europe declined primarily because of the bacteriological diversity-led improvement in medical treatment.The bacteriological revolution took place over many years and in phases. The first one began, roughly, around 1835 and lasted till 1875 in Berlin by Theodor Schwann, who experimented in the laboratory to observe the phenomenon that sousing fermentation took place in unheated air i.e. in the presence of microscopic organisms. Louis Pasteur took forward Theodor Schwanns work, and conducted the fermentation of wine, bread, cheese, etc, twenty years later. Unlike others, Pasteur experimented in an artificial environment which was controllable, and so, each micro organism could be studied in isolation. After immense research, training students and publishing numerous papers and books on the subject, Pasteur established his own school of research. Pasteurs methods were considered very difficult and thus, were not adopted by many people (Mendelsohn, 2010).Louis Pasteur was teaching at a university when he was persuaded by a wine company to find out why some wine becomes sour in the process of being made. He discovered, during his research, that germs in the air which could be seen under the microscope are behind this phenomenon. Consequently, the process of pasteurization came into being whereby, germs are killed by boiling the liquid and then cooling itin this case, the liquid was wine. From this process, Pasteur went further to prove that germs are present in the air and so, could be stopped from getting into the liquid. This formed

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The Better Man Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Better Man - Essay ExampleBy examining the single most important feature of both candidates indemnity i.e. economic policy, the author argues that Obama is the better man because he has a comprehensive approach to solving the most pressing issue today the American economy.As shown by a Times-Rockefeller Foundation poll, the biggest problem that 85% Americans want to see resolved is related to the economy in some way (Saporito, 2008). The current economic situation and its impact on middle class, working Americans is a sharp shift away from the expectations brought by living the American dream. A further categorisation of the TIME poll found that 96% black Americans and 88% latin Americans were unhappy with the economy. It does make sense that most Americans are extremely unhappy relations with falling income, real-estate bubble burst, a shaky stock market and rising beggary (Saporito, 2008 FOX Business, 2008 Epstein & Gorzelany, 2008 Villaraigosa, 2007). In Michigan alone, u nemployment has risen by 76% from 2001, Income has move 11.5% and poverty has increased by 30% from 2000 to 2006 (FOX Business, 2008). It is clear that the most pressing issue for Americans is in fact their own economy. As the author of this paper leave behind continue to show, the American people, and more specifically the working class Americans deserve an economic policy that reflects their hard work and strength to survive the impending eschaton in their lives.According to Epstein and Gorzelany (2008), more than 5 million people will fall under the already large poverty line by 2010. The poverty rate would increase an average of 2 points to about 16%. More importantly, the US stands second only to Mexico as having the worst rate of relative poverty among the worlds developed nations. Let us examine what this means for a lower-middle or lower income AmericanThese figures are not being quoted

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AN INDIVIDUAL PROJECT PROPOSAL Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

AN INDIVIDUAL PROJECT PROPOSAL - Dissertation ExampleThe Standards for acquiring accessibility through technical specifications and interface design have been laid overmaster for the conventional Web, but, how far e-learning systems are conforming to these standards is still unclear. More so, there remains conflicts between educational features and usability. There is a need for Institutions to meet upstart accessibility andb fulfil government targets to deliver growing access to Higher Education. It can only be achieved by evaluating e-learning system usability and identifying the arising accessibility needs. Aims of the seek The discombobulate intends to fulfil certain objectives. The research project volition look at the current levels of accessibility in e-learning systems, that is the Virtual Learning Environments. It will go up to assess theproblems faced by disabled users in accessing system features these will include textual resources, interactive content, navigation f eatures and tools for communication. The other things that will be carried forbidden may include semi-structured interviews with educational support staff, among them lecturers and Information Services staff that support the disabled users example, disability support staff,e-learning support. When it comes to the empirical research with learners, six to septenary university sites will be taken to assess practices and policies in accessibility support that is within different e-learning systems. This practical investigation and research activities will help put one across user views and perspectives on system usability example through questionnaires or interviews. There is a need for Institutions to know which features should be avoided or used with care so that to enable disabled students to access e-learning systems. They should also be able to know the features that are educationally valuable and if they can be supported with more grooming for disabled learners. General context descr?pt?on This project is personal research in the field of Information Science,especially within the area of end-user systems accessibility. It a coomon unloosen that in Higher Education there is constant innovation and changing methods to provision of online services, but , there remains grey areas when it comes to geld of user accessibility. This issue has turned into a neede requires secondary consideration. This research looks towards underpinning improved provision of accessible systems for disabled adult learners. It has been discovered that one of the major barriers for populate with intellectual disabilities in accessing electronic programmes is due to the lack of accessible adult training material and information in simple language. Through focusing directly on people with disabilities, and also on the staff of adult education or e-learning providers, this Project tackles this problem and focuses on improving the accessibility of lifelong learning programmes. Researc h questions The research is aimed at answering the following questions 1. What are the major obstacle faced by students when undertaking learning in an online setting? 2. What are the usability and accessibility issues in e-learning systems? 3. What are the training needs of disabled users in facilitating online learning? 4. How can usability and access issues be practically addressed? Research methodology The research will go for a practical research element to investigate questions outlined in the study mainly targeted at

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Assignment #2 355 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

2 355 - Assignment ExampleAdditionally, the family is constantly involved in wrangles and family conflicts, mainly associated with limited resource availability and distribution. unmatched looking at worth noting with the family is the aspect of the gendered division of labor. Jay, who is the head of the family, agitates in order to provide for his big family, which comprises of his second wife, who also works though for limited pay, and, and so only takes care of her two children, a stepson, an infant son, two adult children, their spouses, one couple of which comprises same sex individuals, and children. Jay and the two adult children all struggle with menial jobs to make ends meet in for the provision of the familys basic needs , slice Jays second wife, despite also working, only takes care of her children while the other adult childrens spouses, work on the housekeeping duties.Considering how big the family is, with a house that is tiny, the house is rarely clean, with the l arge number of members as easy as the struggle between the adult females in the house about the person to clean the house contributing to the house untidiness. The lead characters are individuals of 20 years and above, among whom conflict is constantly witnessed. There is no frail elderly individual in the family however, Jays stepson is constantly on the wheelchair because of broken limbs from an earlier accident. From the TV show, work is presented favorably as a factor towards the contribution of provision of familys basic needs. However, the family is presented negatively as despite the effort put by Jay and the adult children in their duties towards providing for the family, the family members is always in conflict, especially the Jays second wife and Jays other children.Modern family characters portray a critical aspect of what a modern family in America comprises. First, is an

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Ignatian Spirituality and Discernment Term Paper

Ignatian Spirituality and Discernment - Term Paper ExampleThe most astonishing fact has been that the Ignatian spirituality has quite a few similarities with oftentimes practiced religions like that of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.Ignatian spirituality basically deals with the spirituality of the daily life. It focuses on the fact that God is active in our regular lives and his presence butt end forever be felt in the world. Ignatian spirituality was formed by Ignatius Loyola, who was a war - wound. Ignatius was also the founder of the Jesuits. Jesuit Gerard Manley Hopkins noted Ignatian spirituality as air pressure that God is at work everywhere in work, relationships, culture, the arts, the intellectual life, creation itself. According to the words of Ignatius, the things in the world are presented to us so that we stop know God more easily and make a return of love more readily. The Ignatian spirituality focuses upon discerning the presence of God in the everyday activ ities of our lives (Ignatian Spirituality, n.d.)Discernment has been always a key issue in the Ignatian spirituality. In fact, the main thought of the spiritualism in this segment depends upon the realization and perspicacity of God in our daily life. Discernment, according to David Lonsdale, a veteran of Ignatian spirituality, involves us in a process of sifting our daily experiences by noting and reflecting regularly on our affective responses to God and to life and its events. It means noting, for example, situations and events in which we experience joy or sorrow, peace or turmoil, attractions or revulsions, an opening out to others or a narrowing in on ourselves, a sense of Gods presence or absence, creativity or destructiveness. The purpose of observing and reflecting on these patterns of responses is that they deepen our sense of ourselves and they can show us where, for each of us, our Christian path lies, where the Spirit of God is

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Letrery anaylesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Letrery anaylesis - Essay ExampleAs the author, John Updike sets the story in an ordinary environment, where people guide be start accustomed to the monotony of everyday life. Sammy and the other attendants are used to serving grumpy customers, for example that woman who is at the counter when the three girls come in. Sammy describes her as one of those cash-register-watchers, a witch about fifty with rouge on her cheekbones and no eyebrows (Updike 31). This kind of setting makes the girls stand out from the rest of the crowd, consequently making Sammy mesmerized (Updike 32).The characters in the story are also well presented to fit their roles. For instance, Sammy is portrayed as a light-hearted teenager who is naturally attracted to the sight of the half-clothed girls. Sammys colleague Stokesie is portrayed as a young man who is forced to be responsible due to the fact he is married and has two kids. The most interesting character is Queenie who is the leader of the girls and i s the epitome of beauty in a woman. Her beauty and the way she carries herself is enough to cause Sammy to quit his job in protest after Lengel embarrasses the girls because of their dressing.Updike uses a lot of imagery to add flavor to the story. For example, the herring snacks and beer glasses are used to show how rich the girls are, to be able-bodied to afford all those items. Updike also uses imagery to give the reader a clear picture of how the darkened people are stubborn. For example, Sammy talks about the old witch whose feathers he has to smooth. On the contrary, Queenie symbolizes beauty, and all that a woman should have (Updike